COVID-19 Global Dashboard

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The COVID-19 Global Dashboard is a web application to provide an overview of the qualities and content of Wikipedia articles about COVID-19 across languages and offer intelligent data input mechanisms to address knowledge gaps.

The Wikipedia articles are the most comprehensive source of information of encyclopedic content about the COVID-19 pandemic and topics related to it. However, the information in inconsistent across languages. It is crucial that all language groups can provide up-to-date and correct information about the pandemic.

Getting an overview of information in Wikipedias

​The Wikimedia COVID-19 Global Dashboard will benefit the Wikimedia volunteer editors and translators in evaluating the consistency and quality of Wikipedia articles about COVID-19 and help them direct their efforts most effectively. The information is structured with the help on Wikidata that connects the articles to each other. The translators will be able to detect discrepancies between the language versions, and compare aspects of the articles such as their timeliness, editing activity, scope, maturity, illustrations, and use of source materials.

Enhancing data with the help of the Dashboard

The linked data in Wikidata helps to locate additional sources of information that have not yet been added to Wikidata or Wikipedia articles. Information is collected to Wikidata from the Wikipedia articles as well. This will in turn assist in locating more information.

The Wikimedia COVID-19 Global Dashboard will connect Wikidata, Wikipedias, Wikimedia Commons, TranslateWiki, Scholia, OpenSreetMap and open resources of scientific content together.