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The Central Park Archives is a project in Maunula, Helsinki, as part of an ongoing Maunula Commons project. It is an exploration into co-archiving in the context of the nature of a neighbourhood.



Possible scenarios

Enriching Maunula content in Wikimedia projects

  • Straightforward, allows immediate Wikidocumentaries display
  • Prevents displaying materials with restricted access

Saving Maunula materials into other repositories that are connected to Wikidocumentaries

  • Flickr existing
  • To explore: Internet Archive, Google, Topotheques
  • Something for custom datasets
  • Something for audio

Local archive

It is interesting to evaluate if it is realistic to envision a local Wikibase for Maunula Commons. The project would allow storing linked data items, that can be mashed up in Wikidocumentaries with other open content and it can act as a sandbox for Wikidata. The use of the Maunula Commons Wikibase as a standalone project should be engaging as well.

Ideally, the project could start with wiki articles that have corresponding data items in the Wikibase. The MVP would be to build that connecting structure.

Additionally it would make sense to save images in the Maunula Commons Wikibase. This could act as a pilot for creating federated mediabases.

Appearance in Wikidocumentaries

Connecting data across projects does not seem feasible in near future.

  • Reading Maunula Commons wikibase items into Wikidocumentaries if data structures can be defined.
    • Data items: Places, people (federated data content, long-term goal) requires federation between MC, WDX and Wikidata
    • Images: Assuming images can be tagged with concepts from either MC, WDX or Wikidata

New displays/functions in Wikidocumentaries

Mobile view

  • Fix existing problems preventing proper mobile display
  • Mobile view with a map and audio (+ images?)


  • Display a dataset, result set
  • Where to store a custom dataset? How to link it to items? Tagging with QID?
  • Nearby
  • Style

Locative audio

  • Location-aware playlist
  • Store audio clips
  • Read into Wikidocumentaries