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This is a collaboration with Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova. The goal is to display the interconnections of the museum collections with the help of Wikidocumentaries. New developments will be made available for all users.

The museum is located in a building that replaced a wealthy and central part of medieval Turku in Finland. Part of the museum is focused on archaeology of the site, while the other part focuses on contemporary art.


  • Display information about archaeological finds, and the history of the houses and plots where they were found, and the people who lived there.
  • Find ways to overcome the scope limitations of the Wikimedia projects. Notability becomes an issue with historical biographies. The granularity of archaeological finds challenges the scope of Wikidata.
  • Contribute to open knowledge as much as possible.
  • Serve museum visitors onsite and online.


Available content and platforms

  • Content that can be published through Wikimedia projects
    • Wikidata items about notable historical personalities, geographical sites
    • Wikipedia articles of the most notable personalities
    • Images on Wikimedia Commons
  • Source literature
  • Images in Finna

The need for extended storage

  • Archaeological finds: data, articles, and images about them
  • Biographical information, especially articles
  • Historical geodata: houses, plots, street etc.
  • Historical documents?
  • Linking between them

Data management scenarios

  • Use Wikimedia projects as much as possible
  • Develop a complementary or alternative data storage or outlet that can be controlled oneself: Google Sheets or Wikibase. The data solution should be scalable and/or replicable.


The Wikibase alternative could be made for this project or as a shared one (for example Wikidocumentaries Wikibase or a local history Wikibase). Developing the federated ecosystem of Wikibases is a thing we want to contribute to with Wikidocumentaries.

Desired developments for display components


  • Grouping / faceting of the objects based on most used properties. In this case for example
    • Type of object (instance of)
    • Creation date
    • Era
    • Place of discovery
    • Use

Network visualization

  • Different visualizations, such as family relations, professional relations etc. This can be realized as separate displays in the exhibition space, or through faceting as part of the Wikidocumentaries site.
  • Custom styles and features for use in the exhibition space
  • Linking to Wikidocumentaries pages instead of Wikidata pages.

Archaeological finds (In this location)

  • Visually more engaging, for example grouping
  • Display of an individual object with more metadata


  • Map shapes for more objects
  • Display of historical data
  • Display georeferenced old maps


  • Make sure articles can be written on all the items, and displayed on Wikidocumentaries


  • Display people related to a house in all possible ways: family tree, network, timeline
  • Develop a view that brings together the different interrelations: houses and households spatially, family relations, business relations and interactions, the passing of time


  • Enhance the relevance of the related entries. The selection criteria can be enhanced.


  • Enhance the relevance of the related images. This requires an in-depth development project to images, and there are many ways in which it can be made better.