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Creating topics in Wikibase

Page = item in Wikidata and/or Wikidocumentaries. Each topic in Wikidocumentaries has a page.

  • The initial set of topics in Wikidocumentaries are created by selecting a set of Wikidata items and creating them in Wikidocumentaries.
  • When the user navigates to a page that does not exist in Wikidocumentaries, but for which there is an item in Wikidata (through a link in Wikipedia text for example), the page is automatically created.
  • The user may create additional topics in Wikidocumentaries with a set of minimum required properties.

Possible workflow and mockups

  • The user clicks on a link in a Wikipedia article in Wikidocumentaries
  • If the topic has been created in Wikidocumentaries, the user simply follows the link
  • If the topic has not yet been created in Wikidocumentaries, the topic and the page will automatically be created
  • If the user follows a red link or wishes to create a topic that does not exist yet, she enters a disambiguation page. The page presents
    • A search
    • Topics that the user might have meant and links to navigate to these existing or new pages
    • A link to create a new topic
  • The first page to create a new topic asks for the type of the new topic (P31)
  • Based on the type, the form asks for other key properties, see the Sqid tool.

Basic info by type of topic

The key info for each type can perhaps be automatically read from Wikidata. They are either recommended valua, that have been encoded in Wikidata, or most used values excluding authority IDs.

  • Location may be one of these
    • Coordinates -> Will yield street address, city, country
    • Street address -> Will yield coordinates, city, country
    • Known location (in Wikidata) -> Will yield coordinates, city, country
    • Known geographic location -> Will yield city, country
    • City yields country
    • Only country if no other info is present
  • Sources can be automatically retrieved from ISBN / DOI / url / Wikidata ID
    • Date retrieved will automatically be added
    • Additional data can be manually added here or later
    • The data will be saved (locally/in Wikidata?)