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The visitor gets to view images related to the topic from open repositories. She can open the image in the local image viewer or the original location. She can remove images that are not related to the topic, but then she must provide a reason, which will add info to the image. She can add the image to a collection, edit the metadata, identify people, places and time in an image. An image which is acted upon is registered in the database and made available for metadata editing and eventually upload to Wikimedia Commons.

Images displayed are generally considered Free Cultural Works. It may be possible to display images with Creative Commons ND or NC restrictions, but they can not be enriched or used in any way.

Images module is different from the Gallery module, as the Images module focuses on single images, whereas galleries contain items.

Image search

Search conditions Flickr Wikimedia Commons
Service languages fi, sv en (+ multiple)
The search result is an image filter[]=~format_ext_str_mv:"0/Image/"
The subject is the creator of the image (or the work depicted in the image) filter[]=~author_facet:"Author name"
The image is within the coordinates of the subject filter[]={!geofilt sfield=location_geo pt=lat,lon d=dist}:""
The subject is the topic of the image filter[]=~topic_facet:"Topic"


The subject is a location of the image filter[]=~geographic_facet:"Place name" Same as above

Images listing

  • The search now produces 20 images from each repository. They are not ordered.
  • The ordering should be enhanced. Data from the services about popularity, amount of use...?


  • pdf (at least for the main image)
  • Signatures, flags, sounds etc. could be filtered out and displayed in the header section instead
  • Location maps are problematic as well
  • Non-free could possibly be displayed but they could not be reused, or they could be filtered out altogether.

Textual search term

  • The languages of the repository could be saved as the search languages, in the Wikibase
  • The search term will include the administrative unit, if it is stated in the Wikidata item

More hits

  • Add Wikimedia Commons subcategories

Choice of main image

  1. Image P18 in the Wikidata item
  2. Main image in one of the related Wikipedia articles
  3. The first image in the images listing, not a pdf

Image grid

  • The result set is displayed in a justified view. Use the Flickr grid code available for Vue here? The script requires the image dimensions to be known to produce the grid. Can we get any of this info in the API results or must we wait until we have the images loaded?
  • 60vh and two rows of images are displayed and more can be viewed (by scrolling horizontally or by querying more images gradually).
  • Possibility to open a separate Images discovery window for browsing images in a full page window.
  • Rephoto and original photograph are displayed as a pair.
  • Adding images via an action in the Images toolbar Actions menu. > Add image tool / modal?

Curating – gamified tasks

    • Grouping – Select a group of photos that were shot at the same occasion (could be automatically suggested by exif data?)
    • Record common disambiguation items and tag those images – "Different from".
    • Identify portraits (without computer vision)
    • Tag images as good header image

Browsing the images

Image browser will be used to enrich media metadata and prepare for Structured Data for Commons. See an html mockup.

Arkistokuvia-Sihvonen.png Kuvat-Jäppas.png

Module toolbar

Arkistokuvia header bar.png

UniE030 - newWindow.png View in a new window

Click to open a full page to view images. The page will have similar controls as in the page module.

UniE015 - elipses.png Actions

Images Actions no selection.png

when no images have been selected

  • Select images
  • View images
    • in the viewer
    • on the map
    • in the timeline
  • Add an image
Images Actions with selection.png

when some images have been selected for an action

  • Reset selection
  • View selected
    • in the viewer
    • on a map
    • in a timeline
  • Remove images from this topic > (submenu)
    • The creator is… (modal)
      • The topic (e.g. V. A. Sihvonen)
      • List of possible related topics (e.g. Paavo Sihvonen, Hjalmar Sihvonen, Alexander Sihvonen)
      • List of disambiguation options (e.g. Alexander Sihvonen)
      • Search box
    • The image depicts... (modal)
      • List of related topics
      • List of disambiguation options
      • Search box
    • Bad quality or inappropriate
    • Possibly add a note
  • Add property to selected > (modal)
    • First add to Wikidocumentaries
    • Then add any property as key-value pair. Examples: Part of, depicted person, depicted place… Larger work such as a map, event such as a photography session, set such as a series of images, publication, original album...
  • Add to your collection >

UniE006 - funnel.png Facet and sort

Images can be filtered based on their properties. Initially everything is selected. Selections filter out content. UI for selecting has not been fully developed. Unselected may be dimmed or selected may be highlighted. It must be possible to make several choices. There must be a way to see the full selection of properties. Reset by section may be needed. Number of images by facet is needed. Sorting uses the same controls, and is attached to only a few properties. Sorting by location means sorting by distance. Sorting by several criteria has not been defined.

Arkistokuvia header facet.png

The result set can be faceted and sorted.

  • Restrict by
    • Time
    • Location
  • Filter/facet by
    • Depicted
      • People
      • Topics
      • Places (hierarchical presentation)
    • Wikimedia Commons classes or most used Wikidata links. To be explored.
    • Image qualities
      • Image size
      • Image orientation
      • colour
    • Content types
      • Photograph
      • Map
      • Graphic
      • Painting
      • Rephoto
    • Creator
    • Source platform
      • Wikimedia Commons
      • Flickr
      • Europeana?
      • Internet Archive
      • Ajapaik
      • Topotheques
    • Source institution
  • Sort by
    • Time
    • Proximity
    • Creator
  • Save search criteria as a dynamic collection
  • Reset selection


Free text find



  • Title/caption: Title
  • Attribution: Role & Creator (can be many, with link to topic page if possible)), date (year), license (with link)
  • Source: Institution (link to preferably the page in Wikidocumentaries, fallback: website) / Platform (link to info page)

Example (links not included)

Elias Öhman's cortege in Kanavakatu, Helsinki, 19 March 1908.
Photographer Anonymous, 1908, Public Domain.
Helsinki City Museum / Finna.

Controls and actions


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