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An infobox created from Wikidata, where the links link to pages inside Wikidocumentaries. The values can be edited in Wikidata. Editing can be made available in Wikidocumentaries as well.


  • View/edit in Wikidata
  • Expand window to reveal all data

Default content

  • Type missing: The type of ___ is missing. You can use the first sentence of the article to help choose.
  • Description missing: The description for ___ is missing. You can add it by clicking here.
  • Name missing in the user's language: In the header part: Title in fallback language. The language in smaller letters. Link: Add title in your language. Icon: Pen.


Multiple values

  • Generally, all values will be displayed, except when there is one preferred value. In that case only the preferred value is shown.
  • Multiple values can either be displayed as a list or conflated to a list with a conjunction between the items, for example: A, B, and C (in English) and A, B ja C (in Finnish)


  • Qualifiers should be displayed when available. There may be complex rules for displaying them…


  • References should be displayed, maybe as a collapsible part of the statement.

Property-qualifier combos

These properties are used together, one being the qualifier of the other

  • P528 catalog code
    • P972 catalog as qualifier
  • P217 inventory number
    • P195 collection as qualifier


  • Link structure: domain/page/QID/title (optional)/language-code (optional)
  • The link ALWAYS points to a Wikidocumentaries page regardless of whether the title, description or article exist in the user's language
  • EXISTING article link is shown in 'normal' style
  • MISSING article link is shown with 'missing' style, but the link target remains the same.
  • EXTERNAL Links with external identifiers will be constructed to point to external resources, and are styled with the 'external' style.

Location data

It will be possible to derive location data from one type of data. Require only one: coordinates street address

Datatype default display

Commons media

  • About: Link to files stored at Wikimedia Commons. When a value is entered, the "File" namespace on Commons will be searched for matching files.
  • Wikidocumentaries: Link to the Commons file for those that are not hidden and used elsewhere.
  • List of properties with this data type

Geographic shape

Globe coordinate

  • About: Literal data for a geographical position given as a latitude-longitude pair in gms or decimal degrees for the given stellar body. Defaults to "Earth" and then "WGS84". It adds a resolution and range.
    • latitude – implicit first part (float, dms, dm, dd) of the coordinate string, direction is either given by prefixed sign or by postfixed N/S
    • longitude – implicit second part (float, dms, dm, dd) of the coordinate string, direction is either given by prefixed sign or by postfixed E/W
    • globe – explicit (?) data value, given as stellar body that defaults to Earth ""
    • precision - numeric precision of the coordinate
  • Wikidocumentaries: Displayed in WGS format for copying to other systems. Link to the map display?

Monolingual text

  • Wikidocumentaries: Language flag included, for example: Nimi Niminen (fi).


  • Wikidocumentaries: Lot of work to display the units. Take advantage of infobox work.


  • Wikidocumentaries: as is

Tabular data

  • Wikidocumentaries: Link to Commons


  • Wikidocumentaries: Dates are displayed in localized formats 1990/12/24 (in English) 24.12.1990 in Finnish, if possible.


  • Wikidocumentaries: External links are made as pretty as possible. Perhaps use the title as the link text to avoid long links

External identifier

  • Wikidocumentaries: External link with the link body, if possible. Not a priority.


  • Wikidocumentaries: Local link. See different styles in #Links


  • Wikidocumentaries: Link to Wikidata

Mathematical expression

  • Wikidocumentaries: as is


  • Wikidocumentaries: need to investigate more


  • Wikidocumentaries: need to investigate more

Exclude – display differently

Images & media

Show as images in the page.

Property Where to place Status
P18 image Images - Can be used to select the featured image In the Infobox
P242 locator map image ?? Do we need? Hidden
P94 coat of arms image Header section Hidden
P154 logo image Header section
P158 seal image Header section Hidden
P41 flag image Header section Hidden
P1442 image of grave Images
P1943 location map ??
P996 scanned file on Wikimedia Commons Images
P948 page banner Images Hidden
P15 route map ??
P109 signature Header section Hidden
P443 pronunciation audio Header section? Hidden
P3451 nighttime view Images
P2716 collage image Images

Wikimedia-specific links, such as Wikipedia categories

Include in other content components. Hide or show in infobox?

Property Where to place Status
P910 topic's main category No idea Hidden
P1464 category for people born here To special section Hidden
P1465 category for people who died here To special section Hidden
P1791 category of people buried here To special section Hidden
P1792 category of associated people To special section Hidden
P1740 category for films shot at this location To special section Hidden
P1472 Commons Creator page Could also be shown Hidden
P2959 permanent duplicated item Wikidata internal, can be shown if wanted Hidden
P935 Commons gallery
P373 Commons category
P2633 geography of topic
P2184 history of topic
P5008 on focus list of Wikimedia project
P5125 Wikimedia outline


Display on the map.

  • P3896 geoshape // To the map if feasible // Hidden
  • coordinate location (P625) > Map
  • coordinates of northernmost point (P1332)
  • coordinates of southernmost point (P1333)
  • coordinates of easternmost point (P1334)
  • coordinates of westernmost point (P1335)
  • coordinates of the point of view (P1259)
  • coordinates of geographic center (P5140)
  • aerodrome reference point (P2786)

Redundant information

  • P30 continent (for small-scale items) // Useless repetition

Special use for Wikidata properties

See Properties to content. This is also written in

Ideas to develop


  • Import datasets or view items from a database and import automatically or through verification.

Data lookup validation

A place item could look up data in YSO, and National Land Survey services based on external identifiers (GeoNames etc). When the Names Archive can be accessed, the data can be looked up there based on the name.

The interface presents statements that are automaticlally created. The user is asked to verify if the data is correct. Either the user accepts the value, and the source becomes the data source, or declines, when there will be a note about the mistake (in some format). This will allow a human to see if the error is in the connecting data or the connected data.


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