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Place item (Säkylä)

People in Säkylä


  • People born in Säkylä // P1464 category for people born here // P19 place of birth
  • People died in Säkylä // P1465 category for people who died here // P20 place of death
  • People buried in Säkylä // P1791 category of people buried here // P119 place of burial
  • People who lived in Säkylä // P551 residence
  • People who worked in Säkylä // P937 work location
  • People associated with Säkylä // P1792 category of associated people // significant person (P3342)
  • Families / households in Säkylä

Works about Säkylä

  • Works depicting Säkylä (films shot in, location etc.)
    • Films shot in Säkylä // P1740 Wikipedia category for films shot at this location // P915 filming location
    • Narrative works taking place in Säkylä // P840 narrative location
    • Works depicting Säkylä // depicts (P180) // P921 main subject

Events in Säkylä

  • Events in Säkylä (also timeline, map)

Places in Säkylä

  • Places in Säkylä (> smaller subdivisions, named places)

Person item (Carl)


Works by Carl
  • Works by Carl // subclass of creator (P170) (also timeline, map)
Appearing in / Works about Carl
  • Works about Carl (also timeline, map)
  • depicts (P180), main subject (P921), characters (P674)


  • Important places of Carl (also map)


  • People related to Carl (family trees)
  • People associated with Carl (also social graph)

Carl's events

Carl's events (May not belong in this gallery section, timeline and map more important.)
  • Birth //date of birth (P569)
  • Death // date of death
  • Burial // date of burial or cremation (P4602)
  • Baptism // date of baptism in early childhood (P1636)
  • Marriage // spouse --> start time --> place of marriage
  • Education // educated at (P69) --> start time (P580), end time, point in time
  • Career // employer (P108), floruit (P1317), work period (start) (P2031) --> start time, end time, date...

Other events: Matriculation, travel & trips etc.

Event item (Mary's wedding)


  • People at Mary's wedding (also social graph)


  • Works about Mary's wedding


  • Events in Mary's wedding (can also be a timeline)