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What are all the things a user may save, share, create. What's the gain?

This list is a listing of current and new ideas, and points to other pages on the site. Ideas can be added by anyone with an account in this wiki.

Component content

  • Saving the sorted, filtered and faceted result of a content component or a search in Wikidocumentaries. Internally that would be a configuration of search conditions, that consists of a SPARQL query and filters applied after displaying the query. It might be clever to include everything in the query itself.
  • The user can export the resulting SPARQL query.
  • The data table can be exported (csv, json)
  • An embeddable component with the query and the content?
  • Share a link to the result. That should point to the topic page and the subsection in it.

Saving, sharing, and printing the visual layout of a component

  • Maps
  • Timelines
  • Family trees

Creating printables

  • Postcards with templates --> creating templates
  • Calendars