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  • Users are required to use their real names.
  • The user accounts can be connected to Wikimedia accounts through OAuth to allow editing features.
  • There will be two types of users: individuals and organisations
  • Users can form groups
  • Users and groups can associate with topics, content, discussion and more

Architecture and data

  • Wikidocumentaries can use the MediaWiki user management for everything that it allows.
  • Wikidocumentaries stores data about users that go beyond what MediaWiki records. We need to solve how this data is recorded. Where to store user’s links with organisations, groups, content and discussion? It should not be publicly editable in the Wikibase. Can it be stored in MediaWiki or do we need to create additional databases for that data?

Users and groups


  • Users register with their real names.
  • Users have a user page
    • Display user's name and affiliations with institutions and groups
    • The user can decide to display the linked external accounts (Wikimedia for editing Wikimedia project, later possibly OSM and others)


  • Creating an organisation should be a controlled mechanism. The institution can claim the identity and authority to assign people to it.
    • When an organisation account is created it is associated with an existing organisation in Wikidata. This will have to go through some kind of verification.
    • An organisation account request will be made by an existing user account who then becomes the first associated individual for that organisation.
    • The organisation can grant individual users rights to represent the organisation and/or accept requests to do so.
  • Organisation page
    • Organisation information is retrieved from Wikidata
    • Organisation's representatives are displayed on the page
    • Organisation's collections are recorded in Wikidata and images that are in those collections are associated with these entries. A feasible scenario is to upload an entire collection of images for a given institution when all keywords used in the collection are associated with Wikidata. <illustration needed>


  • Any user should be able to create groups and join groups
  • Group page
    • Display individuals and organisations who belong to the group

Linked content

Related groups and institutions will be displayed on the topic page, individual users will not, but their pages should be accessible via a less prominent way. Topics Institutions, groups and individuals can all associate with a topic. By associating with a topic, an institution becomes an authority about this topic and will be expected to provide help and answers about the topics. The topics should also include subtopics or emerging more detailed topics, be a dynamic collection. Discussions Discussion should be attached to topics, images, groups, users, institutions and perhaps some more items. The discussions should be accessible by anyone and aggregated as feeds on the front page, the users page, the group, institution, the item? page. A discussion framework should be used instead of a bespoke solution.