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Wikisource materials

The structure of a Wikisource item

Books are represented in wikidocumentaries by items for works and items for editions.

An item can be interpreted as work, if it

  • has editions
  • has a Wikipedia article link
  • has an incoming link to it as work related to an edition

An item can be interpreted as edition, if it

  • has a Wikisource link
  • is defined as edition
  • defines a work it is an edition of

Errors and poorly described items exist.

Wikisource across languages

The data that can be read to Wikidocumentaries needs to be uniform across language editions. The following most likely are

  • index page
  • transcluded pages (NS:0)
  • author pages
  • page order

Note reading order!

Materials linked to Wikidata items

  • PDF / Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikisource index page
  • Wikisource link

Wikisource in Wikidocumentaries

The page of the work/edition

Header section

The header section could take into account the image of the pdf and display that.

Article section

  • For a work, Wikipedia article is displayed in the article section by default, and possible Wikisource materials secondarily
  • For an edition, Wikisource materials are displayed by default, Wikipedia article secondarily for error cases.
  • Options for what Wikisource materials to display:
    • PDF (the Wikidocumentaries article section is not well suited for PDF)
    • text from Wikisource – relevant section needs to be chosen:
      • For example 5 first pages, maybe lazy loading of full text?
      • Table of content. Links may backlink to Wikisource Ns:0 subpages for chapters or open the viewer modal.
  • New menu!
    • Show article / Show Wikisource
    • Download ebook (using + popup for selecting the type
    • Read in pdf viewer
    • Read in Wikisource viewer
    • Edit in Wikisource (external link)
    • Listen to the text

Reader modal


  • Virtual bookshelf (Works component) – needs to include editions if not already so
  • More display options: Timeline



Summary of new development

  • Add menu in the article section with actions
  • Decide what would be displayed in the article space for Wikisource. For example 5 first pages, after which you need to enter a reader
  • Add condition in the script for selecting the default view mode and switching the mode
  • Create universal pdf reader from the IA reader, make a modal for it
  • Create Wikisource reader from the Italian reader, make a modal for it
  • In the readers, add an actions menu
    • Close
    • Download
    • View pdf / Text if a Wikisource item
    • View in Wikisource if a Wikisource item
  • Integrate Wikisource download script into Wikidocumentaries
  • Add timeline visualization
  • Check that all works, edition, author, publisher links are displayed in WDOC
  • One more case to perfect the faceting / filtering functions as well as lazy loading
  • Add pdf image in the header
  • Add Table of Contents of each editions (where available) and backlink to Wikisource Ns:0 subpages for chapters

Item in Phabricator