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(Information about the project)
(Information about the project)
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[[Wikidata infobox]]
[[Wikidata infobox]]
Local articles
[[Testimonial article]]
* [[Testimonial article]]
[[Local article]]
* [[Local article]]
* User generated [[Tasks]]
User generated [[Tasks]]
Related content [[Linkboxes]]
Related content [[Linkboxes]]
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[[Data visualizations]]
[[Data visualizations]]
* [[Timeline]]
* [[Family tree]]
[[Family tree]]

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Welcome to Wikidocumentaries!

Wikidocumentaries is a wiki for writing history for every historian: amateur historians, scholars and all citizens interested in history. Everyone can investigate the archives of cultural heritage from their own perspective, combine material, enrich them with additional information and share with communities of their liking. Wiki and the related apps make history an everyone's right.

There's more info about Wikidocumentaries here: https://wikidocumentaries.github.io/

Information about the project

News Technology Design Tools
Stay up to date about the project activities. The page records the tech design decisions. The page documents the design decisions. You can read about tools that are being included in Wikidocumentaries and ideas for more.

You can read about the status of the project.


You can read about pilot projects and workshops.

Phabricator project Wikidocumentaries

Where the project coordination takes place.

Social media

Facebook group

Content modules

Topic page header

Wikipedia article

Wikidata infobox

Testimonial article

Local article

User generated Tasks

Related content Linkboxes



Newspaper articles

Data visualizations


Family tree




Landing page

Topic page

User page

Organisation page

Project page

Module page (for each module)

Tool page (for each tool)

Visual editor

Query tool

Geotagging photos

Image viewer

Image and map annotation

Mass tagging

Map rectifying

Map digitizing