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Article module

  • Link checker. Skim through links in the Wikipedia article and add them as statements. UI: a Modal with steppers to proceed easily to the next statement.
  • Recognise unlinked named entities programmatically, verify and save as statements. UI: Automatically recognise names entities (NER) and underline the words. Present the Linker pulldown.
  • Verify the target of red links and save as statements. Display red links similarly to the previous.
  • Select free text and search for a target, save as a statement. Selecting text brings up a Linker pulldown.

Data module

  • Add missing statements Require basic statements for each type of topic. Present edit boxes for the missing ones.
  • Edit any statement Make editing any statement possible. UI: Pen icon and input box for editing.
  • Add new statements
  • Auto-create sources Paste in a source URL, DOI, etc to verify the new fact. Create the source statement with the help of Citoid.
  • Suggest statements Show suggestions for statements from linked data sources – verify, adds source automatically. UI: Modal

Images module

  • Header images: Choose images as header image.
  • Disambiguation topics: Choose images of one of the recorded disambiguation topics to filter out and relate to the other one. (Elaborate)
  • Collection: Select images to a collection.
  • Batch identify / Group
    • Works: Choose works (by the item as creator)
    • Depicts the topic: Select images that depict (the topic)
    • Same batch Clearly taken in the same event (suggestions from exif?) – Choose or create event
    • Same person Select images of the same person - Choose or create the person. UI: Batch select, Modal
  • Types of images What will be useful to know?
    • Portraits. Use for header illustration.
    • Interiors. Excluding interiors from geolocating.
    • Artworks. Adding the "Digital representation of" property.

Make a dynamic collection

Save the faceting conditions as a dynamic collection in the Facet menu

Image item

  • Geolocate
  • Add to collection
  • Choose for header
  • Remove
  • Use as
    • Coat of arms, signature, image of grave etc. List all here.

Task items in the Tasks module

The user's name will be added as the source if no other source is added.

Which one is older? Is the person male or female?

  • Display two images that depict the same person
  • Select the one that seems older
  • Buttons Older, Skip, Quit
  • Images that have been tagged as depicting the person are selected automatically to this task.

Verify Wikipedia category information

The users can verify suggestions received from related Wikipedia categories. The Wikipedia pages are marked as source. UI: Modal. Note: Many of these have already been imported to Wikidata from Wikipedias. Possibly no need to repeat this in Wikidocumentaries.

  • People born in...: P1464 category for people born here.
  • People died in...: P1465 category for people who died here.
  • People buried in...: P1791 category of people buried here.
  • People associated with...: P1792 category of associated people.

Tasks in the Image viewer

Create a poll

Who is the person in this image?

  • Can create this kind of polls automatically for images that contain people but they are not identified. How will we know there are people? Facial recognition can be used. Without that, images identifies as portraits. Identifying portraits can also be automatic.
  • Can also be user-submitted (higher priority, notification, connect with the responder)
  • Where are the polls presented?
    • In the front page
    • In the user's feed for topics that are in her radar (many missing parts before that)

Where was this photo taken?

  • Ask users to geolocate. Geolocation is not promoted otherwise.


  • Create an outline for the building facade to project onto a 3D model
  • The map component suggests a match in OSM based on name and/or location and draws it on the map. I need to confirm to save it in OSM.

Sources or Newspapers section

  • Add a fact from the external source
  • Source with the source
  • The UI could be a viewer that automatically records the source when the user adds a fact

Federated sources

  • Confirm and format a fact and make it a statement in Wikidata
  • The timeline is the first example
  • The source is recorded automatically from the displayed data


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