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Article content

Currently, Wikidocumentaries displays the Wikipedia article about the topic when the item exists in Wikidata. When the project is developed, it could display articles from other sources as well

  • Wikidocumentaries own wiki if the item is created in the Wikidocumentaries wiki or if an item is from a federated Wikibase that does not use articles. See further down the section on it.
  • It has been proposed, that Wikisource original material could be displayed in the space for the article. See the proposal.
  • Sometimes authority sources have articles that could also be displayed.
  • Personal point-of-view testimonials about a topic could be categorized as being displayed in this space or in their own component. A separate space might be good to avoid confusion between neutral pov and subjective ones.

The sources could be displayed in a fallback order, and if there were more than one candidate, they could be added to a menu.


The article is initially displayed in the user's language. The user is given the option to view the article in another language while the interface stays in the user's language.

The article area displays a message when the related Wikipedia article does not exist

  1. Message if the article does not exist in the user's language but exists in another
  2. Message if the article does not exist in any language
  3. Message if the user wishes to see an automatically created article. With Abstract Wikipedia, the article can be automatically created from facts.

When we are capable of storing user information, we could set a language fallback chain and use it for displaying the articles.


The article is displayed in compact and expanded modes.


  • Links in Wikipedia articles are redirected to Wikidocumentaries pages based on Wikidata QIDs. See linking.
    • Problem cases in Wikipedia: Page redirects, links to other namespaces than articles.
  • Red links are currently not displayed as links. They could trigger a label search function in Wikidata. The same method could be applied for arbitrarily selected text. The resulting link could be saved for adding to the Wikipedia article, but it would be useful also without saving. This would be some kind of annotation mechanism, see also W3C Web Annotation recommendations.

Scenario: Highlighting named entities with missing links

The interface could by default highlight named entities that are found on Wikidata and can be navigated to with Wikidocumentaries. Navigating would be done like described below.

Scenario: Navigating via missing links

When a Wikipedia article does not exist for an item mentioned in the text, or has not been linked, it would be pretty easy to present a search pulldown to allow navigating to other items without the need to save any data. It would work with

  • Red links
  • Selected text
  • Named entities

See below #Scenario: Add new Wikidata statement by picking them from the Wikipedia article


Toolbar items that do not yet exist are written in oblique.

Edit-button / Plus-button

One button is dedicated to linking to the article on the source.

For Wikipedia articles

  • "External link" symbol is displayed for viewing or editing the article in Wikipedia.
  • If other sources are included, the icon could change accordingly. The alternative sources could also form a pulldown list.
  • If the article is missing from Wikipedia in the user's language, the "Plus" icon is used.
    • Wikidocumentaries can be viewed in languages that Wikidata supports, even if there is no Wikipedia in that language. The missing article action produces an error in cases where there is no Wikipedia in that language.
    • An intermediate step would be useful where the article names could be decided according to the target Wikipedia's practices before directing to the article creation page. See Article actions

Languages menu

  • List of links to all articles language version regardless of user settings or site translations.
  • All languages are displayed in a scrollable list
  • Display a link to Content Translate, when displaying the article in another language, and the user's language article does not exist.

Actions menu

  • Tasks of picking the links in the text and adding to Wikidata

Expand article

  • Button is placed below the article. When clicked, it displays the full article and moves the Wikidata block to the end of the article.

Article actions

Actions that do not yet exist are written in oblique.

Create new article

When the article does not exist in Wikipedia, the user may choose to create it. The current action is a link in the plus-button that goes directly to edit an article by the Wikidata name of the item in the current Wikipedia. This is always not desirable.

  • The article name may be used for another topic
  • The article name may be a disambiguation page
  • The article name may be a redirect.

Scenario: Creating new articles

There should be an intermediate step before entering the target Wikipedia for selecting or confirming the correct article title and maybe also a category for the article.

  1. Dialog before entering Wikipedia
  2. Alert for title conflicts or confirmation for conflict-free title
  3. Options for conflict-free article titles
  4. Confirm and proceed to creating the article

Title options

  1. Use the topic title as the primary option. The best-known title for the topic should already have been chosen for it in Wikidata.
  2. If the article name is already used for another topic
    • Display alternative values with a clarifying extension to choose from. The format may vary according to the project. By default, use parenthesis to include additional information.
      • The value of P131, located in administrative entity. If that is too specific, display the P131 of that entity.
      • Display the P31 value as an alternative. If that is too specific, display the superclass of that item.
      • If there are several P31 or P131 values, display all of them as separate options.
      • For human topics, use the profession P106. If that is too specific, display the superclass of that item.
    • Add title manually.
  3. For a redirect... In this case the community might have decided not to grant an article for this topic. Be cautious. Take over the redirect page for the article.
    • Display an option to create the page.
    • Overwrite redirect.
  4. For a disambiguation page
    • Display the available title options
    • Prompt to edit the information on the disambiguation page.

Propose a category for the article

  • The item likely has very little information to go with initially, querying Wikidata for suggestions:
    • Category for the P131, located in administrative entity
    • Categories for the items in the "Similar items" component
  • Prompt the user to add at least one category

Scenarios for display

Eetu has created a related articles feature in an early demo based on a textual match. Related articles / topics could be further worked on in different components: Similar topics shows Wikidata items based on a combination of two similar values (type + location). A generic graph visualization is also often proposed. Text-based matches should be tapped into more.

Scenario: Article tasks

Tasks for article have not been created yet. Here are some ideas. See also Tasks. <add image>

Scenario: Add new Wikidata statement by picking them from the Wikipedia article

In this scenario, the user skims through links in the Wikipedia article and adds them as statements to Wikidata. The same method could be used for red links


  1. User chooses to work on the task by selecting it in the Tasks menu
  2. The user can move between links and red links with the tab key. In addition, they can choose any text by highlighting with the mouse.
  3. The dialog that opens, presents a triplet.
  4. The triplet parts can be modified:
    • The subject is by default the page subject. However, the triplet can be reversed.
    • The object is by default the link target.
      • The target for the red link or freely chosen text needs to be selected from a list of options.
      • The list is queried from Wikidata.
      • An option to create a new item needs to be given
    • The predicate is one of Wikidata properties that can be selected. Some preselaction could take place.
  5. The statement is confirmed, and the Wikipedia page is quoted as the source, and the user is added as the statement creator.

Further features

  • Recognize and highlight unlinked named entities automatically.

Scenario: Local articles in Wikidocumentaries wiki

One of the initial ideas of Wikidocumentaries has been to allow creating items and articles on topics that are hard to include in Wikipedias or Wikidata. The federated architecture of Wikibases would make that possible. Items could be added to the local Wikibase and articles created in the Wikidocumentaries wiki.

By observing the possible use cases over the years, it has become obvious that most of the projects would like to have their own dedicated system for their own use and share what they find suitable instead of contributing to Wikidocumentaries. Therefore it is worth downplaying Wikidocumentaries as the only connected repository and include the whole landscape of connected repositories from the start.

The following scenario outlines the challenges of having multilingual articles in a single wiki and combining them with the Wikidocumentaries architecture.

Scenario: Storing multilingual articles in a Wikibase

  • All language versions of a multilingual article are stored as separate wiki pages in a wiki. To be investigated if the current architecture with multilingual pages is viable.
  • Options for storing in the Wikibase
    • Each of the pages (articles) will have their individual entries in the Wikibase
    • Language versions of articles can be added to the Wikibase using the modified sitelinks feature.
  • Navigating the articles in different languages in the MediaWiki interface needs a solution to connect them together.
  • The user should be able to use a modified Visual Editor to edit (local) articles. It needs to be modified to support bespoke linking.

Scenario: Wikidocumentaries article data

What data to store about an article in the Wikidocumentaries database.

  • Articles about Wikidocumentaries topics
    • Topic id (Wikidata)
    • Language id
    • Translatable title
  • Information to allow linking it to specific topics:
    • Items depicted in the article
    • Date depicted by the article
    • Locations depicted by the article
    • Author of the article.

Scenario: Testimonials not edited collaboratively

  • For testimonials, it is necessary to have an option to create texts that others cannot modify.
  • The link to the contributor is not a Wikibase entry for privacy reasons unless made purposefully public --> How to handle. Start with an easy solution.

Scenario: Tooling, technology

  • The article should be translatable (local file to local file), preferably with Content Translate.
  • Visual editor should be extended with a gadget that can make links based on Wikidata entries rather than local wiki links.
  • Wikibase should be able to maintain an index of translations of an article. Can sitelinks be modified for the purpose?
  • Enable the use of Visual Editor locally to edit the article and links. It will need to be modified to meet the local needs.
  • When displaying items that exist in Wikidocumentaries only, the article would also be created in the local wiki. Later, when the local item gets imported to Wikidata, the resulting articles could be imported or merged with Wikipedias. This is a very difficult challenge, and a notification might be enough for volunteers to do the merge manually.


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